3 X Nescafe Protect Pro Proslim Slim Diet Slimming, Weight Control Coffee 10 Sticks

About caffee:-

Type:- (3 in 1) Instant coffee mix brand: Nescafe variant:- protect proslim condition: new in package with factory seal general information, a blend of roasted and green coffee bean with nutrition and dietary fiber giving you a real taste of coffee and a slimming body..

Benefits;         Low Fat, no cholesterol. use sucralose as sweetener, contain white kidney Bean Extract. (Antioxidant Chlorogenic Acid) from green coffee Bean. dietary fiber source (3000 mg/glass) help to increase fiber in digestion system and enhance excretory system. Ingredients: Low fat coffee enhancer * 67%, Inulin 18% coffee 11%, white kidney bean extract 3%, Use sucralose as sweetener, nature identical flavor added, *contain sodium casinate (Protein Milk) Direction: Empty a stick and add (150 ml). of hot water, stir well and enjoy. quantity: 3 packs (each pack contains 10 sticks) Size; net wt 165 g ( 10 sticks x 16.5 g) per pack…


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