Sony Mobile SW2 Smart-Watch 2 by Sony (Metal)

Product Description:-

The world first Android compatible Smart-Watch with One touch (NFC). 2 expands your android experience & introduces New and Exciting ways, to live and Communicate. It interact with your smart-phone over Bluetooth & what’s happen in your life is mirrored. Chose from hundreds of Smart-Watch 2 apps available at “Google play’ & be among the first to Adapt a Smart-Watch Life-style.

sony watch1

Smart-Watch living With the Sony-SmartWatch  as a phone remote,and you can keep track of Everything, without taking your phone out of your Pocket or Bag..


Control your Music, get Notifications. See who’s Calling. When a Call, message or other notification comes, such as SMS or a Facebook message, your Sony Smart-Watch acts as an Android smart-phone remote and Gently Vibrates on your Wrist to let you Know.

sony watch4

SmartWatch living is practical fun & you never miss a Thing, Within reach On your Wrist, you have text//chat messages, Email, Calendar, Call log, facebook, Twitter, Gmail .


When a Message or Nnotification comes in, touch the app icon to read it. A Multilayer color Touchs-creen lets you Browse and read all your Notifications. ‘Xperia TM only. easy Calling, when a call comes in, you can see who’s calling Smart-Watch display, press once to Answer” and take the call in your Wireless Headset. You can also Browse Recent Calls in your call log and use Smart-Watch to Initiate Call.

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Anywhere, any weather Smart-Watch 2 is the Wireless Accessory for everybody,. If you are a busy Communicator, you will Appreciate Being on top of Everythings. you can use Smart-Watch as your phone remote..

And If it Rains, you Can keep on Going. Smart-Watch 2 can take the Rain. If it is bright and sunny, Smart-Watch 2 has an impressive sun-light Readable Display. Take it anywhere.

Easy Setup.

sony watch2