Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 “7-Inch” White

Product Description:-

  1. Clear Display for entertainment;-

Samsung Galaxy Tab have Brilliant high resolution display, for easy Writing, Reading, Playing Games, Browsing the web, or Watching movies etc, Samsung Galaxy Tab have ‘7-inch  and resolution Screen 1280*1280.

2.  Personalized Recommendations:-

The Watch-ON Feature lets you type in your zip code & cable provider, to  browse and search current “TV” listings and Get Personalized Recommendations..

Sumsang Galaxy Tab 4 1

3.  Universal Remote Control:-

‘Galaxy Tab 4’ has a built in (IR) blaster, which Allows you to use the Tablet as a Universal Remote Control.

4.  Share Your Tablet With Multi User:-

Glaxay Tab 4 has great for Sharing your Tablet with family members and friends, multi user Mode lets you add up to Eight(8) Profiles. This Allows up to Eight different users to log in separately , so you each see only your own Apps, Backgrounds, and Email.

5.  Child-Friendly Interface:-

You Can create profile for your Kids and switch to “kids Mode”, Child friendly interface that is fun. Parents can track the time their kids spend,

6.  Cameras for Photos and Video Chat:-

3 Mega-pixel rear camera and a “1.3 mega-pixel front camera, the ‘Galaxy Tab 4’ lets you take Photos and Videos chat with friends and family.

Sumsang Galaxy Tab 4Sumsang Galaxy TAb 4 2

Technical Detail:-

Processors:-               Tablet Processor 1.2 GHz

Operating System:-    Android 4.4

Display Size:-             7 inches

Memory:-                   1.5 GB DRAM

Hard Disk Size:-   8 GB

 Camera:-    3 Mega-pixel

Price:-    $128.94

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