Personal Gaming Environment GAEMS G155 Sentry

Product Description

Sntry Game 3

                                                           This game has been designed fot everyone mind, the Sentry that want to monitor their children’s gaming time, & is the perfect solution for traveling. It’s have great for dorm rooms, Barracks or families. The Sentry Gaming is sure to immerse you into Your World of entertainment with its unique in fiction design. So power it up and game on.
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                   Sentry adds a Wealth of New Features & benefits to the familiar design of the ‘G155″ Speakers, Attachments for any ‘PGE’ Sling. The Rugged Armored Shell protects your favorite console while in transit, simply means going from one room to another room.
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Immerse yourself in every detail of your favorite Game or Movie with an Integrated ‘15.5″ LED Display, Stereo Speakers one or both of the (3.5mm) head-phone jacks. Game with a friend in the library or you can unleash the Power of the Built in Chambered Speakers and share with Everyone. Pop it open & plug it in & and play.
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Game Anywhere:-

you can game anywhere, it have slim size and easy to bring from one place to another, this Game have very interest if you fully understand, you can’t feel bore while you are busy in this device. Sentry Gives you Freedom to game when you want and where you want.

Senry Game 1

GAEMS Sentry’ is the Next Generation of the award winning (G155) Personal Gaming Environment(PGE).

Technical Detail:-


  • Screen Size:- 15.5″ 720p LED,
  • Matte Screen,
  • Wide Angle Viewing (170 degree),
  • Competitive Viewing Angle (90 degree),
  • Viewing Angle Kickstand,
  • LED Accents,


  • Integrated Speakers:-    Stereo,
  • Dual Stereo Output Jacks:-  Included,



  • PGE Sling:-       Sold Separately,
  • PGE Remote:-  Sold Separately,
  • HDMI Cable:-  Included,
  • Dual 3.5mm Head-phone jacks,


  • Weight:-  8 lbs,
  • Dimensions:-   20″W x 6.8″D x 15″H,
  • Power:-     100 – 240v AC.,

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GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment