Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone, 32GB, (U.S. Warranty)

Product Description:–

Nexus Motoeola

Motorola 6inch quad HD Display is great for Movies, Videos, Gaming, E-books, & surfing the web, compatible with Google pWiFi Wireless Network. These Phones are Capable of Physically communicating with the (VZW) network. The Google Nexus-6 is the Development platform for the Android operating system and android applications . It appeals to people with above average Knowledge of computers , programming , networking , & those wanting to Dig into the details of technology.

64-bit mulitcore ARM processor. If you and your friendz have Ever gone to the shooting range during your lunch break, the Nexus-6 is for you.


Comfort in hand:-

Nexus 6s contoured Aluminum body is curved to fit perfectly into your palm .

motorola 6


Pics that look pro:-

The Motorola Nexus (13 Mega-pixel) camera image stabilization and HDR  mode help you take your best possible, photos with the least possible effort,

motorola nexus 6 ,

More doing  less charging:-

Large 3220 mAh Battery provides up to (24) hours per charge , quick Burst of power. all it takes is 15 minutes to get up to 6 Additional hours of battery life,


Listen in stereo:-

Motorola Nexus Front facing speakers deliver stereo Sound that makes the most of Video and Gaming.


motorola nexus 6


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