PYRUS Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for iphone Samsung HTC Ipad Tablet PC

Product Description:

The PYRUS wireless speaker has two separate parts, the floating speaker is  Metallic island that fits easily in your palm. It has a micro USB port, which connects to the (USB) slot on the Slightly larger circular base for charging, The Levitation Improves the Acoustics. The quality is no Where near that of a middle range  of speaker. You can connect Via Bluetooth from up to “33 feet away. The effect is created by strong Magnets hidden inside.Bluetooth speaker for iphone HTC 1 Bluetooth speaker for iphone HTC 2

  • Play music on smart phone, tablet, music comes out from the bluetooth speaker,
  • Connect Charging Cable  USB  base and Speaker orb for Battery charging,

Bluetooth speaker for iphone HTC 3


How to Foat the Speaker ORB” 
1. Please place the base on an absolutely horizontal surface. If the surface is not flat and horizontal, the speaker-orb can not :Levitate normally..
2. Connect the power Adapter to the base power portA”.
3.Turn on the speaker orb and pair with smart phone-tablet.
4.Hold the orb with your two hands and put your fingers under orb to hold tight the orb.
5. Make the orb approach the center of the base Slowly, and please move it towards left & right, front and back to try to get the levitating point.

Bluetooth speaker for iphone HTC
6 . When you feel a strong force the orb from the base, this position is the levitation place. At that time, the four Levitating position Indicator Light G’ all turn on and without flashing,

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